Inspired by the flavors of Asia

We know what it takes to make great food. That’s why each one of our exclusive flavor recipes incorporates the fresh ingredients you would find at markets throughout Asia. Don’t have time to visit? Please allow our jerkies to take you on an adventure!

Only the finest natural* ingredients

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Steak Board

Clean & Healthy

Clean and Healthy

Cooked to Perfection

Flame Grilled

We’re unapologetic perfectionists. That’s why in order to get the precise balance of flavors that sets Golden Island jerky apart, we grill each piece of our pork jerky over an open flame. This means that every bag of Golden Island jerky will be exactly what we’ve always aimed to create: an intensely delicious, artisanal, high-protein snack. And to us, there’s nothing more important than that.

Kettle Cooked

At Golden Island Jerky Company, we believe that kettle-cooking each small batch of handcrafted beef jerky is the best path to achieving the unique, tender texture and deep flavor that makes our jerky a go-to snack for people who love food. This isn’t the easy path — or the quick one, either. In fact, it involves extra steps that most companies don’t take. But to us, it’s worth every second.